Oct 19, 2021


My name is Jenny and I have worked at Warners Bay Private Hospital for over 9 years and Lake Macquarie Private for 4 years.

Describe your job without using a position title?

I am fortune enough to work across two hospitals (Warners Bay and Lake Macquarie) and manage a range of non-clinical services such as Catering, Café, Environmental, Linen and Waste, Orderly’s and Concierge.

What motivates you and why?

I really love what I do, and I am fortunate to work with extraordinary people who have the ability to provide exceptional services for our patients, this is very motivating to me. I also like applying strategic approaches to the operational model. This ensures that we are taking advantage of new opportunities and staying within trend on what is happening in the hospitality world.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would like to learn more about food sustainability and how we can adapt this throughout our food service. Supporting more Australian grown produce from farm to fork to reduce our environmental footprint, feels right.

What does the Year of Health and Care Workers mean to you?

So much…. Recognising the importance of non-clinical care in a patient’s journey and investing in the future of our people who make this difference.

What would you say to inspire future generations of workers in health care?

Health care has incredible opportunities for many different careers for our non-clinical staff such as Chefs, Diet-Aids and Wait Staff, Barristers, Concierge, Ward persons, Housekeeping and more. You meet incredibly talented people who are passionate about what they do which is very inspiring.