New South Wales, Samantha


Feb 02, 2021


My name is Samantha Mavros and I’ve worked at Westmead Private Hospital for 5.5 years (10+ years with Ramsay Health Care).

Describe your job without using a position title?

Helping patients and families at their most difficult time, with compassion and care throughout their hospital journey. I am part of an amazing team of people who value and focus on patient centred care. It is together that we are able to hold the hands of our patients through the entire process, to provide the holistic care to them and their families.

What motivates you and why?

Being part of a greater cause is something that is really fulfilling for me. It is clear to see the positive impact you can make to a patient throughout their stay within the hospital, which is already very fulfilling. In those special moments where patients and their families share with us more detail of their ‘life story’ it is extremely heart warming to know how much impact you can have on a life and families.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I love working with people and supporting other health care workers in their own careers and aspirations. I actively seek any training and development programs that enhance people skills. At this time, I am enrolled in a course in human resources and leadership, which is growing me as a leader and enhancing my knowledge and skills, on how to support my team.

What does the Year of Health and Care Workers mean to you?

We just have such a large portion of people are in these roles and have worked through such a challenging year, with so much strength and unity. I feel this really emphasises recognition to this group, and more importantly reflection on the crucial roles each and every one of them play. I hope this encourages workers and organisations to revamp programs already in place to promote a focus on self-care to all these selfless workers.

What would you say to inspire future generations of workers in health care?

Getting paid to do what you love is really the ultimate goal in any career. In this industry I strongly believe the sky is the limit! Health care comes in so many shapes and sizes and is international! Find where you fit and grow yourself in a job that brings with it challenge, joy and fulfillment.