Jun 22, 2021


My name is Carla and I’ve worked at Frances Perry House for 2 years and 5 months and I have also been working at the Albert Road Clinic for 8 months (I am assisting here due to a Maternity Leave vacancy).

Describe your job without using a position title?

My role is essentially the communication junction between our VMOs at the Hospital, the wider GP community and the Ramsay Marketing department. It is very much a role that involves working closely with your external customers AND your internal (Ramsay) customers.

What motivates you and why?

I am motivated by working with and helping people - I am very much a “people person”! I enjoy the motivation that comes from showcasing the amazing doctors, hospital services and educational opportunities that Ramsay provides to the GP community and their patients. I love being a part of a supportive team and there is always someone who inspires me in some way - by the amazing work that they do or by helping me to do better.

If you could learn to do anything, what would it be?

I would love to learn how to fly a plane and obtain my recreational pilot’s licence.

What does the Year of Health and Care Workers mean to you?

It provides an opportunity to celebrate all the wonderful, skilled and dedicated health and care workers that we have in our community. There are so many different aspects and pathways in being a health and care worker - it is really such a varied and broad part of our community and there are so many people doing amazing things; in places that people may not expect! With the worldwide focus obviously dominated by pandemic-related issues, now is the perfect time to celebrate this network of caring and dedicated people plus bring the health care community together so that we can all appreciate the amazing work that we all do.

What would you say to inspire future generations of workers in health care?

Like no other industry, health care is a career that enables you to make a positive difference – everyday - in the life of someone else. Everyone is important and everyone has a vital role to play - it is immensely rewarding work and offers fulfilling career choices at every level.