Biostatistics Consultation Service

Personalised biostatistical consultations are available to all Ramsay accredited practitioners and staff to assist with research.

3 x 1 hour time slots are available every fortnight for biostatistical consultations.

Please book in advance via the online form to secure your spot.

Nazim Bhimani

Our biostatistician: Nazim Bhimani

Professionally, Nazim works in medical research as a Biostatistician & Data Manager for the Gastrointestinal Department at Royal North Shore Hospital, Sydney, Australia and is a Lecturer in Surgical Education at the University of Sydney. Nazim is undertaking a part-time PhD in Medicine from the University of Sydney. He has previously completed a Master of Biostatistics, Bachelor of Science (Honours) and Bachelor of Science (Advanced Science) with a key program in Mathematical Science. Nazim is also a member of the Ramsay Health Care Human Research Ethics Committee (HREC). In his spare time (what time he has), Nazim is heavily involved in volunteering; he has a formal appointment on the Aga Khan Youth & Sports Board as the Honorary Secretary and has previously served in the Aga Khan Education Board for Australia and New Zealand as a Board Member for four years.

Types of biostatistical support that may be covered

  • Feasibility of your project proposal
  • Clarification of research question
  • Identification of outcomes
  • Confounding variables management
  • Sample size requirements/ power analysis
  • Practicality of data collection and advantages or disadvantages of collection methodology
  • Database management and development
  • Data collection on REDCap
  • Assistance conducting analyses
  • Interpretation of results

Who is eligible for a consultation?

Consultations are available to all Ramsay accredited practitioners and staff. This includes all doctors, VMO’s, nurses or other staff involved in or contemplating conducting research at a Ramsay facility.

Where do the consultations take place?

All consultations will be conducted online via Zoom or Microsoft Teams.


An initial 1-hour consultation is free of charge during the pilot phase of this service (June to October 2024).

Any additional consultations will incur a fee of $150 per 1 hour session and need to be covered by the person requesting the consultation.

Book now

To book in please complete the following registration form and propose a day/time to meet.

Someone will then be in contact with you to confirm your appointment time and send you a calendar invitation. A reminder that completion of the registration form is not confirmation of your appointment.

We kindly ask that you provide 3 hours notice if you need to cancel a scheduled appointment.