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Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation

Our Mission and Vision

Provide better outcomes for our patients, to investigate the diseases and illnesses which affect them and to progress the learning and development of those who care for them.

Core Areas of Research

Areas of research focus will be reviewed on an annual basis. Consideration has been and will be given to the size of specialty areas within Ramsay Health Care and the likelihood of identifying interested clinicians, allied health or nursing staff who have a research interest and prior experience in leading research projects. In 2017/2018, the following areas have been selected:

  • Mental Health
  • Health Services Research with a focus on innovation, technology and implementation
  • Rehabilitation

Research Project Assessment Guidelines

When reviewing research projects the following will be considered:

  • Potential of the research to positively impact patient outcomes.
  • Existing research occurring within the field, both within Australia and Internationally.
  • Level of interest amongst clinical, allied health or nursing staff.
  • Potential for the research to be conducted across multiple sites.
  • Impact and value of the research to the community.
  • Infrastructure required to support the research, ensuring capacity and engagement.
  • Research timeframe and cost effectiveness.
  • Volume of patients in the research area and variation in clinical service between sites.

Strategic Priorities

  • Research
    • Identify, develop and fund research activities that will lead to an improvement in patient outcomes.
  • Enabler of Research Excellence
    • Identify areas where centralised support can be established that will assist the development of research projects across RHC.
  • Funding
    • Leverage the support provided by the Paul Ramsay Foundation, increasing revenue from donors and corporate partners.
  • Collaborate
    • Collaborate with clinicians, Universities, MRIs and Government to increase training, education and the development of research partnerships.
  • Governance
    • Run an accountable, efficient organisation that has high governance standards and accountability to the members, community and funding bodies.

2020 Goals

By 2020 Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation will have achieved the following:

  • Funded significant research projects that have led to an improvement in patient outcomes and changes to the delivery of care.
  • Through registries and PROMs, collected data to begin to analyse the differences across sites and develop potential research opportunities.
  • Grown the organisation to be a stable funder of research across the Ramsay Health Care network and beyond.
  • Established a recognised research network within Ramsay Health Care that actively embeds research in the provision of clinical care.
  • Secured the support of expert academic partners in mental health, health services research and rehabilitation to facilitate research excellence.
  • Leveraged our funding to gain additional corporate support and community donations.

Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation Year in Review

How to get involved

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