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Environment Management Statement

Ramsay Health Care’s commitment to environmental sustainability is considered central to our business culture and as such is intended to form part of, and to support, all Ramsay activities.

The Ramsay Health Care Board recognises its corporate responsibility, not only by reference to the Company’s obligations under environmental and associated legislation, but as a responsible corporate citizen. In this regard we believe that seeking to continuously improve our environmental performance is fundamental to our business success and that sustainability principles should be incorporated into Ramsay activities and decision making at all levels.

The following principles underpin Ramsay’s commitment towards environmental sustainability:

  • Striving for continual improvement in our environmental performance in ways that are sustainable, practical, commercial, meaningful, cost-effective and innovative;
  • Implementing an environmental management system and programs designed to foster environmental innovation, seeking to continually improve such programs and where applicable to utilise internal and independent performance audits to monitor the effectiveness of, and compliance with, such programs;
  • Identifying and monitoring the environmental impacts of Ramsay’s business activities, where possible by establishing measurable objectives and targets aimed at improving environmental sustainability;
  • Designing a program for regular review of environmental aspects of our business, conducted through a risk-based audit plan and corrective action program to manage environmental risks;
  • Regularly reviewing and reporting on our environmental management performance to allow a better understanding of, and reasonable transparency with regard to, environmental progress and performance;
  • Creating, promoting and communicating an environmentally sustainable and responsible culture across the Ramsay community;
  • Developing the knowledge and skills of our people and providing resources to facilitate the fulfilment of our environmental responsibilities and goals, including by fostering both accountability for, and recognition of, individual actions;
  • Regularly consulting and communicating with staff and relevant stakeholders on environmental matters;
  • Seeking out partnerships, where practical and in line with business objectives, designed to achieve company objectives (environmental and otherwise) more effectively and efficiently;
  • Where appropriate, seeking to positively influence key stakeholders and suppliers to improve their environmental performance and thereby minimise the lifecycle impacts of Ramsay’s operations;
  • Seeking to influence events sponsored or supported by Ramsay to be environmentally responsible, for example by aiming at carbon neutrality and to create minimal waste; and
  • Complying with all applicable laws and regulatory requirements whilst aspiring to higher standards.

Ramsay Health Care and its hospitals are committed to working toward the delivery of environmentally sustainable outcomes within the operations of the group and to achieving continual improvement in environmental performance. Key areas of focus include:

  • Seeking to continuously reduce energy consumption and carbon emissions, within the parameters and requirements of delivering high quality health care;
  • Seeking to continuously reduce water usage within the requirements of delivering high quality health care and as far as practicable maximizing efficient water management;
  • Seeking to continuously reduce waste and conserve resources through adopting sustainable purchasing principles where clinically appropriate and commercially viable and encouraging suppliers and contractors to address environmental management and performance;
  • Incorporating sustainability principles wherever practicable in building design and refurbishment and evaluating whole-of-life savings of investing in new buildings and plant infrastructure.