Workplace Health & Safety


Ramsay Health Care’s commitment to the health and safety of our employees and all persons who visit our workplaces is a key business principle and is linked to the KPIs of our key executives including the Managing Director. 

Work Health & Safety is central to our business culture. We are committed to the health and safety of all workers
and persons who enter our workplaces. We remain on our continuous journey of improvement and as such are
committed to:

  •  Legislative compliance with a best practice focus.
  •  Monitoring, improving and reviewing our measurable objectives and targets.
  •  Monitoring and reviewing performance and taking action.
  •  Continuously improving a model of consistent safe practice across our businesses.
  •  Being consultative and communicating with all key stakeholders.
  •  Maintaining systems which add value.
  •  Fostering a culture that empowers and encourages everyone to uphold these objectives and policies.

Everyone at Ramsay is encouraged to be a champion of safety and to speak up when unsafe behaviours are observed.


The National Safety Team (Australia) administers the RHC
Safety Management System, which comprises primarily:

  •  Policies and procedures via standards and guidelines
  •  Education and instruction including specific safety based forums
  •  Compliance and risk management
  •  Performance and targets, including audits and inspections
  •  Consultation which is a fundamental cornerstone

Key Performance Indicators
Our KPI’s include:

  •  Zero fatalities and ever reducing harm
  •  Accident and Incident measures including frequency / severity / duration
  •  Incident investigations and proactive root cause analysis
  •  Emergency preparedness and business continuity
  •  LTIFR / SLTIFR / Duration and Severity Rates
  •  Incidents PPD and by internal peer group

Workplace Health & Safety Reports