Important information for Bupa members


Bupa’s health insurance members are being encouraged to review their cover, if they want to avoid paying additional out-of-pocket costs at more than 100 Ramsay hospitals and health facilities around Australia in the near future.

Ramsay and Bupa have been unable to reach agreement on key elements of a new contract and, as a result, there is now no agreement in place between our organisations.


Why has this happened?

Bupa has offered Ramsay a rate of indexation that is significantly below inflation and will not address Ramsay’s hospital cost increases to cover labour and supply expenses.

Like all other businesses, hospitals are wearing increased expenses and additional costs to protect patients and health workers through the Covid-19 pandemic. These measures include increasing personal protective equipment, more robust cleaning protocols and infection prevention training for our nurses and health staff.

Since Bupa’s indexation rate is well below inflation and will not cover the cost of care for its members in Ramsay hospitals, additional out-of-pocket costs will soon apply to Bupa members. Ramsay has been able to reach agreements with all other private health insurers in Australia where this additional out-of-pocket cost does not apply.


What do I need to know?

We want Bupa members to be prepared and fully briefed about any potential impacts to their upcoming admission at a Ramsay facility so that they can make an informed decision.

As Ramsay has contracts with all other health insurers, Bupa members can avoid paying extra out-of-pocket costs by changing to another health insurer.

This website contains all the information currently available about this situation and the options for Bupa members. We also have a dedicated contact centre set up to support Bupa-insured patients and answer any questions.

We continue to hope that we can reach an agreement with Bupa that is fair and sustainable and removes the need for this additional out-of-pocket cost to apply to their members.


Learn about your options by contacting us today:


• Email

• Phone 1800 MY HEALTH (1800 694 325) Monday to Friday from 9am to 5pm




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