Translational Challenge Grant

The Translational Challenge Grant (TCG) is RHRF’s most prominent grant stream that specifically seeks to fund translational research projects that will break the cycle of disadvantage and improve patient outcomes by addressing specific social determinants of health – such as Education, Socioeconomic Status, Lifestyle Risk Factors, Environment etc.

A maximum of $400,000 is available per project, for projects of duration up to three years.

NEW EXTENDED DEADLINE: This grand round will open on Monday 16 October (9:00am AEDT) and close on Friday 8 December (11:00pm AEDT).

Eligibility Criteria

In order to be eligible to apply for the Translational Challenge Grant stream, projects must:

  • be undertaken in one of the following clinical areas: cancer, mental health, cardiovascular disease, orthopaedic surgery or musculoskeletal injury. We will consider funding other clinical areas depending on the scope of the health impact in that area.
  • demonstrate a commitment to improving social disadvantage by including one key determinant of health.
  • must be undertaken at both a Ramsay site and a non-Ramsay site
  • include a diverse patient population and benefit patients in both private and public healthcare settings.

Before applying for a grant, please complete our Eligibility Checker to establish whether your project is eligible to apply for funding with RHRF. The Translational Challenge Grant stream is very competitive, and projects will not be considered if they do not meet the above eligibility criteria.

How to Apply

Applicants must create an account in our Grants portal ‘REGGS Grants’ and apply for the Translational Challenge Grant.

Before lodging an application, please ensure you have me the eligibility criteria above as this will give you the best opportunity of progressing to the next grant stage.

Please read our TCG Guidelines  for more information on this grant round.

Timeframes for the TCG Round

Please note these timeframes are subject to change as we may receive more applications than anticipated which could extend the review process. 

Activity Timeframe
Application Submissions 6-8 weeks to submit
Internal Review of Applications 8-10 weeks to review

Shortlisted Applicants Notified

Request Additional Project Information 2-4 weeks
Internal Review of Shortlisted Applications 2-4 weeks to review

Successful Applicants Notified

For further information please contact the Ramsay Hospital Research Foundation on