Clinical Trials Network

Our Clinical Trial Units

Ramsay Health Care has established a National Clinical Trial Network and believes that the development of clinical trials and providing patients with access to clinical trials is a critical part of a providing a system of high quality, leading care.

There are currently 16 dedicated clinical trials units in Ramsay facilities around Australia. All our trial sites use standardised operating procedures and the same processes to establish trial activity. All our clinical trials operate under an ethical and governance framework that complies with the Australian Code of Research Conduct, Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GHP) and ethical standards.

Ramsay Health Care has leading facilities and a large network of world-class health professionals delivering care across Australia. There is a wide range of capabilities and areas of interest across our trial sites.

Ramsay is also currently the largest private provider of cancer treatment in Australia, giving Sponsors the opportunity to access a significant number of patients for oncology trials through our network of hospitals and treatment centres.