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Our Current Clinical Trials

Ramsay Health Care has established a National Clinical Trial Network and believes that the development of clinical trials and providing patients with access to clinical trials is a critical part of a providing a system of high quality, leading care.

PLEASE NOTE: We have joined the ClinTrial Refer research community. To view all our trials, please search ‘Ramsay Health Care’ on the ClinTrial Refer App or website.

Please scan the QR code to download the ClinTrial Refer app.

If you cannot find a trial that is right for you, or you want to know more, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with your local Ramsay Clinical Trials Unit. 

You may find it useful to filter these trials based on your location (e.g. "State"), your local Ramsay hospital (e.g. "Ramsay Facility") or condition (e.g. "Condition / Disease") by using the arrows in the bottom right hand corner of each column heading and typing in the "Search" bar.

You can also search for available trials, including those happening in a Ramsay facility, via the following links:

How to Enrol in a Clinical Trial

To participate in a clinical trial within Ramsay Health Care, please contact the relevant trial coordinator or ask your GP for a letter of referral to the Investigator for the clinical trial.

Both the trial coordinator and/or your GP will be able to help you understand whether the trial may be suitable for you and your condition.

Once you have obtained a letter of referral or discussed the trial with the trial coordinator, the trial coordinator can help you to arrange an appointment with the relevant Investigator to discuss your eligibility for the trial.

Locations and contacts

There are currently 20 dedicated clinical trials units in Ramsay facilities around Australia. All our trial sites use standardised operating procedures and the same processes to establish trial activity. All our clinical trials operate under an ethical and governance framework that complies with the Australian Code of Research Conduct, Good Clinical Practice (ICH-GHP) and ethical standards.

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